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Hooded Smock

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The Hooded Smock

Designed for Woodland and Roe Stalking in particular this versatile smock is equally ideal for Rangers, Bird watchers and Keepers as it was developed around the use and storage of binoculars. It replaced the original woodland' smock to give an updated version with complete hood for those Stalkers, Wildfowler's and 'Keepers' preferring total comfort in worst conditions.


Mt John Low, PAXARM, Dunearn, Burntisland, Fife, Scotland
"Administering anesthetics when using dart guns requires a very high degree of accuracy and sensitivity throughout, especially so in inclement weather and low temperatures. The woodland smock is as important a part of my equipment as my rifle, coping with all weathers, keeping me warm and dry and so enabling me to do my job well."

A true pullover smock style with 'Raglan' sleeves and a generous 'cut' for ease of movement, the hooded smock has been specifically tailored with numerous designed and practical features aiding not only practical use but also comfort in use.


  • Large commodious hood with front 'chin' and storm flaps keep out the elements
  • Protective cuffs using stretching quality of fabric to inhibit water migrating up arm

Price £330    sizes XS through to 3XL