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The Lady's Las Pampas Skirt/Cape

This was a favourite at many of our shows but never shown on the website .

The Pampas” Cape / Skirt is a major statement in chique with a tongue-in-cheek smile !! The wide  skirt is very wide for horseriding and consequently has a fabulous swirl for walking and even dancing!

It can be worn as a skirt, horse and carriage riding skirt and equally worn as a Cape. The fleece tartan lining can be unbuttoned and removed and used for a picnic blanket! The removable lining makes it warm in the colder months and cool in the warmer months.


  • Olive Green outer is a much proven peached microfibre waterproof, windproof, breathable fabric which is lightweight yet very robust.
  • Lining is a fleece with Black Watch pattern
  • A “Basque - like” back is adjustable with chord - open fully when worn as a skirt at a high waist then tightened / closed to form a high collar when used as a Cape
  • Secured by a series of studs when worn a s a skirt or cape - though very fetching when worn with a high belt
  • 2 sets of pockets when worn as a skirt , with 2 openings at base to form a cape sleeve when worn as a Cape
  • Internally a series of buttons to be undone when lining not in use or for wash, also, straps for legs
  • Length is about mid-calf , and skirt just flows outwards when dancing

** Both the outer skirt and inner lining should be washed separately and dried separately as both fabrics hold water differently.

Wash at less than 40 degrees , treat like  wool  and hang to dry

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