I. Fly Fishing Rods

Over Twenty years ago Nomad UK invented breathable waders...in celebrating this we introduced: 
 'The Limited Edition'

Then produced only in a few numbers , such has been the success of their introduction and use …. We made some more !!
A celebratory and unique range of Nomad UK Travel Rods, each specifically and multi-functionally designed in 50million+ modulus carbon - Light, Responsive and Powerful. Using the acquired knowledge of over 20 years of product consulting and guiding after various cold and warm water species in four continents delivering a comprehensive range: 'The Limited Edition' that can be used World-Wide with confidence.
Each rod is designed to do a specific job but is ‘tweaked’ to give that little bit more whether it be in relation to lines used or quarries sought after giving that much more value for money. On top of this  all rods come in their own protective Rod / Reel bag with room for a fly box enabling everything to be carried together. 

Finished in a flash-free black matt, with the best of fittings and cork plus black aluminium reel  seats, the quality of workmanship can be seen in the trueness and seating of each joint plus the outstanding standard of varnishing. 

There is a difference in the make-up of the Saltwater and  Freshwater designs with the latter being made up of 50 million modulus plus carbon resulting in an exceptionally light, powerful and very responsive action whilst Saltwater fish and fishing conditions demand a more robust taper, a more powerful butt section and carbon structure for strength and quick loading, plus oversized snake rings, to assist with long distance casting the rings are slightly larger than normal.
These are still limited edition and available only from Nomad UK. The performance and make are mirrored in the retail price, which if sold through retailers would be far greater. As such these are not only wonderful casting and fishing rods but they are also an investment.

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